Teaching Design and Art

In the last 4 years I have gained a solid experience (more than  2000 teaching hours) in authoring and teaching university level courses and advanced workshops in fields of Art and Design; in English and Italian languages; both in class and on-line.

Taught for institutions like Florence Design Academy; Santa Reparata International School of Arts (SRISA); Scuola di Formazione Internazionale Sansone Restauro; Maryville State University; The University of Tennessee, Knoxville and others.

Interactive, multimedia courses powered by artistic and technical skills of the instructor provide students with a deeper understanding of theoretical concepts and boost their practical abilities.

All course materials and updates are available through dedicated websites created ad-hoc for the courses.

Selected courses and workshops:

Art: Introduction to the Art of Drawing

Art: Monotype: methods, tools and experimentation

Art: Renaissance painting and drawing techniques

Art: Fresco painting workshops

Art: Egg tempera painting workshops

Art: On-demand drawing and painting workshops

Design: Portfolio and self promotion for designers

Design: Web Publishing

Design: Introduction to Web Design

Design: Sketching for designers

Chaitralakshmi Ramesh, Portfolio course 2020

I am writing to you to convey my heartfelt gratitude for training so well on Professional resume and portfolio making!

I remember how much you stressed on making a great first impression with our resume for it to be even noticed by recruiters/companies. I am so glad I could follow each of those advice and now I am so thrilled to let you know that I was approached by 2 of the top Retail firms in the World – P&G ( Procter & Gamble ) and Lowe’s .

I went through the interviews and got selected at Lowe’s and have landed myself my dream job 🙂

Just wanted to share this news with you and convery how grateful I am to you for all your feedback on my Resume & Portfolio and all the tips on Professionalism.

Thank you so much! I hope you continue doing the same for many such students 🙂

Gayane Hakobyan, Portfolio course 2020

I am writing just to thank you for a great semester and a wonderful learning experience.

I tried to follow and apply what you taught us in the Portfolio class and it truly helped a lot.

I am happy to share some great news that by applying what you taught us in regards to personal branding, coherent cv, and business card design, I started a probation period in a really good local company.

Thank you again for a wonderful learning experience.

Riya Singhal, Portfolio course 2019

I am Riya Singhal and I was your student in 2018-19 batch and you were my professor for Portfolio and web design.

Recently, in Mumbai, India there was a portfolio review in which 3 of the top designers of the country chose to access portfolios and mine was one of them.

I wanted to thank you for your valuable feedback the entire time and made my portfolio more visually appealing. And I am sure all your students are benefiting from the same.

Tuyet Thu, Portfolio course 2017

I just want to email you to say thank you for your help and for the class that I did with you as my portfolio and my profile is very exactly what the companies are looking for. Without it I couldn’t be  so interested by the big company like ***** Paris. I’m working now, the director and my colleges they were impressed by my profile, and I’m working efficiently now.

That is great because I got the opportunity to be in the environment that I really like. I have the chance to experience the luxury furniture.

Always thinking about you. The most practical professor I have found in school. It such a shame for those who underestimate your class.

Alessandra Piccone, Web Publishing course 2021

Really helpful if you-ve never used wordpress. first project super helpful for ourselves! And the lectures about seo, etc. were super informative!

Jainee Vajani, Portfolio and Web Publishing courses 2019

It was an absolute pleasure learning both the courses (Portfolio & Web Publishing) from you.

I learned two new software while learning things that are going to help me in my career

These were the two things i never thought were so necessary but you helped me realise that they are the most important things i need to have as a designer.

Daniel Charvat, Portfolio course 2019

Although I only entered the course halfway through, I found it particularly well structured and easy to follow. Gleb goes out of his way to provide not only the technical expertise, but also an abundance of additional materials and examples. This well-rounded and thorough approach made the course feel full and valuable. Gleb’s openness to explain and make sure everyone is keeping pace with the course was also greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Sherab Tharbus, Web Publishing course 2020

I think it was great that you taught from the scratch with wampp and folder creation etc. Absolutely loved the course, very informative and very helpful for future. Will definitely miss your savage comments and feedback! 🙂

Yesha Shah, Portfolio course 2020

The course was very insightful, especially to rightly word a Resume, and describe work\education. The portfolio classes helped with clarity in layout for better display of projects. Thank You!

Ruchir Gupta, Portfolio course 2019

I loved the way the course was structured and the feedback and software lessons were really valuable.

Allysa Olivia Sugito, Portfolio course 2020

It was a very important and educational course where I learned how to prepare documents needed for my future professional career. All the courses are easy to understand and helpful.

Dhruvi Radhakrishna Acharya, Web Publishing course 2021

The class was fun and very helpful. Now we are experienced enough to make our own websites. Overall it was a great learning experience.

Thais Abud Silva, Portfolio course 2021

Great learning about InDesign, focusing in job career. The course is really helpful because it prepare the student for a future application. The tutor is great and patient in his teaching. The course offer many chances for a personal feedback about the work in progress.

Sindi Subashi, Web Publishing course 2021

I really liked this course,i find it really interesting and educative.I learned a lot of new things which will be useful to me in my graphic design career.Before i only new how to design a website but not create one, but with the information that Professor Gleb gave us now i can.I really appreciate it and really enjoyed the course.

Ema Salas, Web Publishing course 2020

I found your class very helpful and clear! Especially your online classes, I could somehow focus more and learn better since everything was right in front of my eyes. Even if you could not have access to our computers you were always helping solving our problems! So thank you because I learned a lot from your classes, I truly enjoyed them!

Abhishek Kacha, Portfolio course 2020

It was a very nice experience learning with you and your reviews on all our projects helped me a lot!

Thank you so much for this course!

Tetsuo Kobayashi, Portfolio course 2019

I needed my portfolio for my graduate school application so it was good time to recreate it. I have used indesign before but there were a lot of techniques that I had not known. So they were extremely important

Cosima Solar, Portfolio course 2019

Firstly and most importantly: I really appreciate that you are taking the time to answer all our questions and treat each problem individually.

I really have learnt a lot about the use of InDesign and also about how to create a CV/Business Card/Portfolio in a professional way.

Nikita Chellani, Web Publishing course 2019

It was very interesting to learn how to make a website through wordpress, it is a very user friendly way to go about for any website design.

Gleb, you have been super helpful with your   advice’s and assistance through the semester thank youuu 🙂 !

Gabriela Moncada, Portfolio course 2019

Really helpful, nice tips to improve format layout and emphasize skills.

Professor’s honest feedback helps to auto-criticize your work and upgrade it.

Sindhu Narayanaswamy, Portfolio course 2019

It was one of the best classes at ***, I have learnt a lot from. I am what I am today in presentation because of the what I have learnt from you. I cannot thank you enough for being such a great mentor. Thank you

Elisa Bosco, Web Publishing course 2021

I found this course very useful, full of interesting practical examples and good advices to develop a website! So thank you! I would have loved to go a bit deeper also on the CSS part, but in only 14 weeks I guess it’s almost impossible 🙂

Selene Smart, Portfolio course 2021

It was very educational and I learnt a lot of new techniques and short cuts for indesign. The feedback was also very helpful

Olivia VanDehey, Portfolio course 2021

Gleb’s portfolio course is very helpful from start to finish. He starts with the basics of everything you need when it comes to making a portfolio, CV, or business card. He gives insight into what employers will be looking for and what will help you stand out from others in the job market. Even if you already have a good portfolio, Gleb can give you new pieces of advice that can make a portfolio or CV go from good to great. I highly recommend his course.

Mariah A Pothen, Web Publishing course 2020

This course was entirely new. The quiz taken in the beginning of the course was informative and helpful. Having a website with links to each topic was very insightful. The feedbacks were well appreciated. Thank you.

Sheema Abdalla, Portfolio course 2020

I have enjoyed this course a lot and am very satisfied with everything I’ve learnt from it. I particularly like how we were taught to use inDesign using direct implementation, and the way in which being taught how to use the software ran parallel with learning about CVs, business cards and portfolios.

Virginia Tanova, Portfolio course 2020

This course was very interesting and a lot of fun. Personally, I really enjoyed working with InDesign and having the creative freedom to completely design my own portfolio cover page and CV. I learned a lot about how to write a CV properly and how to construct PAR statements for my portfolio. Before this course I never realized the importance of what font you use on your CV and using a grid during the process. Overall, I found this to be one of the most helpful courses I’ve taken.  The information I learned during this semester was fundamental in completing my final, but more importantly, I can use the knowledge I’ve gained in the future.

Tanaya Marathe, Web Publishing course 2020

The way you taught the course was very intresting along with the inputs you give.

Farida Fahmy, Web Publishing course 2020

Very useful as general knowledge but also useful to apply what i learned in my life.

Apurva Ashish Lokhande, Portfolio course 2020

Got to learn a lot from you, very talented. Looking at your  work I got inspired to explore more softwares.

Mercy Tumushime, Portfolio course 2019

The lectures were very informative.

The course work was relevant.

The articles and video links were helpful.

The knowledge gained is life-time beneficial.

The lecture delivery was well paced, carefully organised and practical.